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> > I just create an issue on the RubyForge tracker : > > [#15759] rubygems 0. Apple wanted to integrate RubyGems with Leopard in a manner that was as invasive as Debian s, but instead of demanding changes, provided patches with tests. on 2007-11-22 17:24 Having two copies of RubyGems isn t really going to be a good choice, especially with RubyGems moving into core Ruby with 1. Bastardizing general environment variables for it just creates trouble. Either using a file in rubylibdir or a value in rbconfig both seem like excellent choices. 0/rdoc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = Announce: RubyGems Release 1 updating rubygems on leopard. I can finally remove that extra non-Apple Ruby install I’ve been carrying around for years now and just use the Apple-supported Framework. Just because your maintainer was stupid enough to MODIFY THE SOURCE rather than using, you know, ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES doesn t make it RubyGems fault. At Andy Hunt s suggestion I installed both Ruby and rubygems > from source and haven t looked back.

(Subject to the caveat that one should not use Gem s upgrade methods to upgrade if they installed from the package manager originally. I don t know why RubyGems is using > /usr/lib/ruby/gems instead of /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems, but I suspect > that Ruby s Config::CONFIG has been partially modified. Including doing a gem update --system After thinking about Eklund s response I think I agree that debian s rubygems package should be a wrapper script with RubyGems treated as data in /var/lib/gems. org> wrote: > > My guess is that they did not want to spend time digging into RubyGems > > code and writing the patch. Quit your bitching and offer some damned patches already. I have multiple Ruby versions on my machines and simply tweak the PATH and other environment variable settings to get the one I want. > Successfully installed ruby-debug-base-0. in all package managed systems /usr/lib belongs to the package manager. Again, see recent posts by Eric Hodel for sanctioned options, or Laurent s summary of Leopard changes to see how you re advised to upgrade RubyGems on Leopard.

It works well, most of the time, but they re completely wrong on a number of factors -- mostly because in a C/C++ binary world, you *have* to do some things certain ways. > > Yes, it is regrettable that Debian didn t instead add GEM_HOME to / > etc/profile (or equivalent). There s a right way and there s a wrong way.best free site for adult video chat 2012.
. It s just that Debian users tend to be more more vocal about these policies. ) Some of the gems shipped with Leopard are slightly out of date, as can be expected updating rubygems on leopard. > > -- > Rick DeNatale > > My blog on Ruby > http://talklikeaduck. RubyGems started with a very poor understanding of living in a package managed world. I was using the Ubuntu patched version, but I ve looked at that patch and all it did was hardcode the GEM_HOME environment variable to be /var/lib/rubygems. .

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I ran into this problem today when trying to update my ruby gems on a fresh OSX 10.5 machine for testing:Updating RubyGems…ERROR: While …

Une installation de Ruby correspond à un ensemble de programmes (gems et utilitaires liés à Ruby) associés à une version spécifique de

RubyGems just updated to version 1.1.0. Couple of the major changes are Index updates are much faster now and only updates from a latest index by default.

Upgrading gems under Leopard 10.6 Open a terminal, enter the following command: gem update --system If the upgrade fails, or the following error: Updating RubyGems ...

Monday, 31 August 2009 • Permalink. These are instructions for compiling and installing 64-bit Ruby, Rubygems, and Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard.

Recent Posts. The Developer Mind and QA; SVN Eclipse Mountain Lion and Homebrew; Updating Rubygems on an Old 10.5 Leopard Machine; Vim …

Comments. Carl Mercier says: December 20, 2007 at 4:05 pm. I had problems after updating RubyGems on Leopard. If anybody runs into the same problems, here's what I ...

Subject: Having problems with Gem version on Snow ... So, the migration to Snow Leopard has gone ... Updating RubyGems Updating rubygems-update Successfully ...

Ca.utio.us. A blog mostly about ... Rubygems gem_server for OSX X Leopard Posted by Ceaser Larry on June 13, 2008. Github ... Updating Rubygems with only 256MB of …

Updating ruby on leopard topface com dating. ... There are two `buildr` executables installed by Rubygems.If you have JRuby installed but not Ruby, the , ...

I googled a bit and I found a couple of sites where they explained how it is to update Rails on Leopard since Rails is build-in. ... Updating RubyGems to 1.5.2

Ruby on Leopard. Oct 28, 2007. Today I installed Apple’s latest OS release: Leopard. One of the most exciting features for me as a Rubyist is the inclusion of a ...

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Using Rbenv to Manage Multiple Versions of Ruby. Jun 15 ... like Snow Leopard do not have built-in support for ... $ gem update --system Updating rubygems-update ...

Philipp Schmid is a developer and entrepreneur located in Vienna, ... Snow Leopard Kernel reaches Version 10.0.0; ... Updating RubyGems on OS X Leopard;

MySQL ruby gem install problem on Mac ... For those of you using MySQL database server on Mac OS X Leopard while developing ... Updating metadata for 69 gems ...

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Category: OS X Convert .approject ... (v0.10.1), or when updating from v0.10. My stacktrace on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 with Rubygems 1.4.2, ...

6 Elements of Highly Successful Web Articles. ... a post on updating RubyGems on MacOS ... (“Updating Rails on Leopard ...
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updating rubygems on leopard

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